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Make Money

Hello! I Appreciate You For Choosing To Read Me. Now, I Ask For A Fraction Of Your Time, To Study What I Have Written For You.. So, Tell Me Right Away!


What Do You Really Desire?

1. Enjoying Great Health.
2. Enjoying Peace Of Mind From Knowing Your Family Needs And Yours Will Be Met On Time.

3. Having Free Time For Yourself And Your Family.
4. Traveling Abroad For Holidays.
5. Helping People To Grow And Succeed.
6. Learning And Growing As An Individual.

7. Starting Other Businesses And Investments.
8. Becoming Your Own Boss And Gaining Financial Freedom.


This page is dedicated to painting a clear picture about the Swissgarde Business Opportunity. A vehicle that can drive you towards achieving ANY of the 8 desires above.

Enjoy the ride!!!!!!!!

Creating WEALTH, Through HEALTH…

Swissgarde  is a top Nutritional Company with its Headquarters in South-Africa. It was founded in 1991 by a Pharmacist, Lou Bayhack and is now in several African countries,


providing a reliable source of income & good health of course, to thousands of people involved.

The Swissgarde Opportunity is all about enabling you SOLVE the health-beauty problems of people, EMPOWER others financially and eventually making MONEY & TIME from it!

It should interest you to know that Swissgarde works with the Network Marketing Model. Now, I don’t know the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Network Marketing but I should tell you what it is NEVER about..


5 TRUTHS About The Swissgarde Opportunity..

A. It Is Not A Fraudulent Business. It is a real business, approved by the Direct Selling Association (DSA), that provides real products that solve real problems, people have.

B. It Is Not A Get-Rich-Quick Business. A business you begin, no matter the model, is like a child whom you shouldn’t expect to grow quickly to start rewarding you.

C. It Is Not A Talking-Talking Business. You must be familiar with the statement that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care! Talking on people till you’re blue in the face is not professional & will produce pitiful results. There is a better way which you’ll get to know soon!

D. It Is Not A Do-What-I-Say Business. Getting into a partnership with me neither means I’m your boss nor Swissgarde is your boss. You establish a business that gives you FREEDOM to operate in a way that suits your lifestyle.

E. It Is Not A They-Play-We-Work Business. The Compensation Plan (Picture Below) is set up in a way that everyone wins according to their own efforts. People at the top who are really succeeding were once at the bottom, working their way up.


My STORY: What You Don’t Know About Me..

In the year 2011, I left my mother & siblings in a quiet community in Niger State for the city of Lagos, Nigeria. It was at the time when the University Of Lagos was to host its post UTME exams, which I qualified for.

I must say I was naive and quite excited when I arrived into the city. I moved into my grand mother’s apartment since I wouldn’t be leaving Lagos any time soon.

As time passed, one of the things that dawned on me pretty hard was the reality of being broke. Since I solely relied on my relatives to sustain myself, I felt tense & limited when I was lacking in food or money. Normal it may seem to you but I disliked being dependent on them for my needs.

I faced quite a number of other experiences during those times such as losing my admission twice, staying home for about 2 years, working on my first low-paying job among others..

However, the turning point for me began when I started reading self-help books. There was one book in particular, which revealed to me the path in life that I am truly cut out for. It was entrepreneurship! I also got to know about Network Marketing as an ideal route into the world of business. This took me on a research that led me to Swissgarde.

From then till now, what I have achieved through my business has been impressive to me, if not anyone else. I am able to buy my clothes, feed myself and even contribute to few home expenses! What I considered peanuts while on my job, is the amount I now spend in expenses, weekly on average.

Apart from these achievements, I have, improved the lives of my customers, grown my network of influence and most importantly, gained necessary life skills & experiences which are invaluable.
Just recently, I looked through my profit-expense record which spans 3 months and found out my profits accumulate to about N80,000! For an undergraduate, medical student, I consider this impressive.


4 REASONS You Should STAY..


Health is so important even though many don’t regard it. When you’re physically & mentally down, a lot of things go wrong. Look at our modern world now and you’ll notice it’s rare for the average person to live up to 100 years. This of course is due to neglect of REST, EXERCISE and DIET which our long-lived forefathers enjoyed.

About DIET, common foods around are attractive to the eyes but lacking in life-saving nutrients due to how they are made. Nutrients build up the body to ensure serious diseases like Diabetes, don’t come up. Your Swissgarde BUSINESS equips you especially, with safe, natural supplements, fortified with nutrients lacking in food.


I do agree that money makes the world go round. Wouldn’t you? Money may not be the most important thing to you but every other thing in your life is affected by it! And I consider entrepreneurship as the best way to control how much money you make. I write more on making money below

Do You Know? You Require A Minimum Of N3,700 Capital To Begin A Business Partnership With Me?



What’s the point of making money if you don’t have the time to enjoy it especially with your family and friends? This is one reason I dislike one-man businesses. Swissgarde is set up in a way that you can make money even when you’re not working. I write more on making time below.


Do You Know? Travelling Out Of The Country For A Vacation Is Possible If You Desire It. Swissgarde Rewards Diligent Entrepreneurs With The Chance If They Meet A Requirement




How would you feel if people told you, you’re the reason why they are alive, healthy & successful? I’m sure you’ll feel great about yourself. Swissgarde not only equips you with real products that solve real problems, but gives you the power to empower others financially.

The 2 Ways To MAKE Money..


A. PROFITS: Buying Discounted, Health And Beauty Products Of Your Choice, Anytime And Selling To People In Need, At A Profit.

B. COMMISSIONS: Earning A Percentage Of The Money Invested By People Registered Under You, To Buy Products.



This is a common & relatively easy way to make your money. The reality is that people will not put money on your laps UNLESS you have a solution to a problem that is killing them.

Frankly, there is a high demand for good health. Almost everyone goes through one issue or the other. There are people everywhere with issues such as:

Stress, Diabetes, Staphylococcal Infection, Other Infections, Erectile Dysfunction (Weak Erection), Hemorrhoids (Piles), Hypertension, Fibroids, Infertility, Arthritis, Obesity, Belly Fat, Stretch Marks, Pimples And So On..

If You Position Yourself Right, You Can Make A Lot Of Money, Solving These Health-Beauty Problems, Through Your Products Which Prevent Or Treat These Issues!!


Swissgarde products are classed into Food Supplements, Skin-Care Items, Soaps & Perfumes. They are not luxury items that people can do without or buy just once, so you are sure to be in business for a long time. As long as you follow the Prescription Guide, you are bound to have satisfied customers as I can vouch for the effectiveness of these products. Click ME for testimonies.

Like I did mention earlier, this is not a talking-talking business. There is a professional way to approach selling. We can interact on WhatsApp for more information about this.
Starting anew in your business makes you a STAR 1 so you can buy any product you want at 30% discount. You get back your investment plus your profits from your customer’s money. And these profits can range from N1,000 to N4,000 per product!

The profit margin will be higher if your choice item is on the SwissStars. The SwissStar is a unique monthly initiative that offers highly discounted Swissgarde products as well as free items. Below is a picture sample for the month of June 2016..


SwissStars June26th

Do note that you don’t necessarily need a shop. Swissgarde products are made in South Africa and shipped to DEPOTS across Africa. Contact ME for a depot close to you



This is a slow-yielding but more rewarding way to earn and is the secret to making more money even when you don’t work! It is based on the fact that you can only produce little, when working alone but so much, when working with a network of partners. Below is a picture that proves this fact.

Real People Who Have A Growing Team, Are Earning Staggering Amounts In Commissions (Cheques), Through This Method: N100,000, N300,000, N500,000, N700,000 And On.

A partner is someone who does what you do in your business. Someone who registers into your network to buy products, use products, sell products or recruit their own partners.

You can recruit partners from your colleagues to school mates, church members, nurses, teachers, housewives, pharmacists, civil servants, business-owners and even among your family members. Again, this is not a talking-talking business. There’s a better way to approach having partners.

Do You Know? Your Commissions Range From 5% To 30% Of What Your Partner(s) Buy In A Month. The Percent You Enjoy Will Be Determined By Your Star Level

When people, registered under you or your downline, buy products at the depot, it is recorded into the computer and your percentage is removed. This percent of the money is reserved until the end of the month where it can be transformed into a cheque.

Below Is The Picture Of The Compensation Plan That Displays The Different Star Levels, The Product Discounts And Commission Discounts Among Others..

I understand if the picture above confuses you. You’re not meant to understand it in a day. Observe it closely and then let’s interact on WhatsApp or via a call. I’m available for you.

Getting STARTED!!


If the message on this blog page has properly informed you of the basics of the Swissgarde Opportunity, then the next thing you ought to do is REGISTER at the closest depot to you.

The Minimum Capital You Require To Start Up Your Business Is N4,000! This Is Made Up Of N1,200 Sign-Up Fee And N2,800 Minimum Of Any Swissgarde Product You Want.. You Buy At 30% Discount!


To make it easy choosing your start-up products, I highly suggest you use the Problem List and the SwissStars, which I’m meant to give to you. The Problem List displays a variety of health-beauty problems and the Swissgarde products that solve them. The monthly SwissStars on the other hand, displays a few products on high discounts as well as free items, up for grabs!

Be your first customer. Choose products that you can use to personally experience their benefits. Also, think about people you know with issues you can solve through Swissgarde. Then buy products that you can give or sell to them!



Every week, Swissgarde hosts a training meeting at depots where distributors come, learn & connect. Aurhorised depots in Nigeria, are located in Lagos, Port-Harcourt, Enugu, Abuja & Kaduna. If possible, I highly suggest you visit & register at the depot, during one of the Training Days.

Is There Any Aspect Of This Business You Don’t Yet Understand? Would You Like To Get Our Partnership Started Right Away? Let’s Have A One-On-One Chat!

To Make Our Conversation Flow Better, I’d Love To Know A Little About You First. Click ME

PING Me On BBM: 7F3251F3.
Add Me On WhatsApp: +234 813 049 6612.
Or Just Call Me: +234 812 567 8177.


I Look Forward To Being Your Friend And Business Partner!!!



What On Earth Can You Enjoy When Your Health Is In Crisis? Don’t Wait For It To Happen. Get Informed With This Nature Cure eReport. It is FREE!

I Respect Your Email Privacy

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94 thoughts on “Make Money

  1. Please i need the job

  2. Hello Adenike. Place your contacts here so I can reach. May I also know where you reside?

  3. How much will it cost me to buy a product, before reselling it or better still, how much will I have to start the business as a student?

    • Hello Olarewaju. To be an independent distributor, all you need to do is sign up with N1760 plus the purchase of at least one product of your choice.
      You’d buy at 30% discount of the product prices.
      This will be done at a Swissgarde depot close to you

  4. U re impressive. I luv pple who dream big. Do u av any downline in Ilorin?

  5. I will love to try this and see where it leads to…kindly furnish me with the information..

  6. i need the job,i recide in makurdi and would want to know how to get started. 82 old bank road makurdi benue state.po.box 298 makurdi. mobile no.08065543255

    • Hello David. This is not a job but a business for those who want to be self-employed.
      To be a distributor, you have to register at a depot and the closest to you are at Abuja and Enugu.

  7. I want to be a registered member

  8. I wan 2 be part of dis bussiness i live in osun

  9. the address of your depot in abuja. and how much do i need to get started

    • Hello David. I welcome you here.

      Swissgarde depot(Abuja): ASG Plaza, Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent, Wuse 2.
      ( Close to Alcon Filling Station ).

      To begin, you need a sign-up fee of N1760 and the purchase of any number of Swissgarde products you want.

      Do put down your email address so I can forward other details to you.

  10. iyanyaegiri@gmail.com.is ma email address. i need to get started soon.please send every detail that will be of help. the 1730 is it for sign up only, or goods will be given to the person after paying the money. dave from makurdi benue state.

  11. I want to know if you have swissgarde depot at walvis bay


  13. I would like to be involved in this creative & important network marketing on a full time basis. Although, am currently undergoing my youth service at Abakaliki, the Ebonyi State capital. How much will i get a product after registering with the above said amount? How will i get the product since you are inactive in Ebonyi State. Pls i need a reply. 08038473086. (omorodion547@gmail.com) Dats my contact.

    • Hi Omorodion. You’re welcome here.
      After you register, you can buy any product(s) you want @ 30% discount. The closest depots where you can register and buy is at Enugu & Port-Harcourt since there’s none in Ebonyi State. Kindly give me the go-ahead to send the preferred address & other details to your number.

  14. I live in Awka, Anambra state. I am interested, please may I have the Enugu depot contact so I can procure the products. Thanks.

  15. Hw much is required to set up this Business . I’m using the product & hv understood its efficacy.

    • Hi Mr. Smart.

      To set up your business, you need a one-time registration fee of N1,875 and buying at least one Swissgarde product of your choice at a 30% discount.

      Registration will take place at an authorised depot close to you. Where are located?

  16. Yea, I based in Abakliki. I would appreciate more detailed information about this. I have some groups that l may bring into investing on it, if more explanation can achieved concerning it effect & chances of making a good living through it.

    • Hello Mr. Smart.
      I believe all your questions about the benefits of this business have been answered on this blog. If not so, feel free to ask me exactly what you want to know…

      By the way, the closest Swissgarde depots to you are @ Enugu & Aba in Abia State. There’s none at Abakaliki, Ebonyi.
      I’m about to send an address and other details to your email. Which do you prefer -> Enugu or Abia State??

  17. Ok noted’ I hope I’m closer to Enugu.

  18. I need this job but I want to know how you can sell to some who want to retail

    • Hi Tina. You’re highly welcome to this blog.
      This isn’t a job but a business which makes you your own boss! Swissgarde only makes the products while yours is to sell them anytime & anywhere to your customers.

      If you want to start your business, let me know your location.

  19. I desire to go into this business as i really would want to make money legally to be comfortable in life and still have time to take care of other important things. I am presently working although my work will ordinarily not afford me time to do this. my wife also is in swissgarde but she is also working. how best can one combine this two and still succeed. I am not presently in swissgarde.
    One of my questions is, how can one become an operator of swissgarde depot, or is it restricted. how will i be able to convince others to patronise me or make the purchases if i register.

    • Hi Mr. Onyeka. It’s nice to have you here.

      One of your goals as you enter this business should be to earn enough money to sustain you & replace your current salary. You can always find a way to grow your business on weekdays while you work & on weekends too. Your job will even help provide customers & recruits for you.

      I don’t know about how you can be an operator of a depot. I think it’s restricted.

      It’s easier to sell to a friend than a stranger. Still, when dealing with strangers or friends, giving a sample of the product or sharing testimonies works so well..
      Are you ready to start your business now?

  20. here is my email address ajibolabadmus10@yahoo.com and my number is 07043289951

  21. u r doing a gr8t job! I’m rly interested in d business. I stay in ejigbo, lagos. Do u hav any depot close to dat area?

    • Lots of thanks Mrs. Alex! It’s nice to have you on this blog.
      There are only two depots in Lagos which are at Ikeja & at Ojota. Which do you prefer?
      Looking forward to being your business partner!

  22. I am Idris and i love to make my own money. I reside in Minna, Niger State, Nigeria. my contact number: 08036874408, email: idris2the@gmail.com /// idris2the@yahoo.com ( I am willing to start the business if 20,000 naira is enough to get me on the track) so send me details on how to get registered and buy products for resale, thanks.

    • Hello Mr. Idris. You’re welcome here.
      Yes. N20,000 is enough to get you on the track and I suggest you take advantage of Swissgarde’s product promo this month. It’ll make you extra sales profits!

      There’s a depot in Minna where you can register. Check your email now for the address & other info…

  23. Benin city

    • Hi Joshua. You’re welcome here.
      There isn’t a Swissgarde depot in Benin City. There are depots in Lagos, Abuja, Enugu & Port-Harcourt.
      What’s your decision?

    • Hi, i am in benin also and i intend to get into this very seriously. I believe we can join hands if you are really serious about it. Call me 07054061847. Expecting your call.

  24. feel me in with good details info that can set me on fire for good.tx ps i base in lagos

    • Hi Kennedy..
      I believe all necessary details about this business has been written down on this page. What’s left is for you to begin your business.
      Registration occurs at two depots in Lagos: Ikeja & Ojota. Which of them do you prefer?

  25. I stay at Ikare Akoko in Ondo State. I would like to be a distributor. Give me every detail please.my phone numbers are 07033561614, 08120852001

  26. Would like to become a member, and I reside in ketu, pls send the address of a depot close 2 ketu. Via email”” thanks

  27. am interested. 08088000429

  28. I don’t even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was good.
    I do not know who you are but definitely you are going to a famous
    blogger if you aren’t already 😉 Cheers!

  29. i reside around ogba in Lagos state.

  30. i love to register but my problem is on how to market the product and refer people. can u help out on this area?

    • Hi Ifee. Yes I can help out..

      The first step to marketing success is getting into the business & spending some time learning about your products & their benefits.

      The second step to marketing success is looking for people who “need” your value the most. The only way to know if a person needs what you offer is by asking simple questions & listening patiently to their answers.

      There are marketing strategies I’ll share with you later on. I believe one or two of them will suit you.
      Are you ready to be in business with me?

  31. Thanks for the post. I did GNLD 2007 for about 4 months & could not coup with their monthly sales pv & referral targets. Please,
    1. What are your targets & time limit like ?
    2. Where can I acquire the training to succeed in this business?
    3. Could you offer me guidance & support to do the business effectively?
    NB: Am interested.
    I want to register.
    I want to suceed.
    Am in Lagos, @ Ijegun-ikotun Area.

    • Hello Mr. Vincent. You’re welcome here.

      In this business with Swissgarde, there are 5 star levels, each having their own unique benefits. When you start your business, you become a 1 Star with the ability to buy products of your choice anytime @ 30% discount. To move to 2 Star, where you buy @ 33.5% discount and earn 5% commissions from your team sales, you need to achieve a minimum sales target of N140,000 within 3 rolling months. I assure you that this is easy when you have a team of business partners whose sales can be added to yours to reach this target..

      Swissgarde offers training meetings every Thursday at Ikeja where you learn about your business. There are also product meetings every Monday where you learn about your products. It’s also my duty, as your business partner, to guide you all the way to success…
      I sense your desire to succeed. Give Swissgarde a try & you won’t be disappointed.

      There are 2 depots in Lagos where you can register with a minimum of N5,000. At Ojota and at Ikeja. Which do you prefer Mr. Vincent?

      • is it a must that you make sales of 140,000. every month?

      • Hi Ifee.
        It isn’t a must. This is your business and you have the freedom to buy “any” amount of products you want at “any” time you please. But if you must move from Star 1 to Star 2 in your business, your purchases plus that of your team should be at least N140,000 within 3 rolling months.

        (When you become a Star 2, you start buying at a 33.5% discount & earning 5% of all what your team members buy monthly!)

  32. plz i want to register as distributorm i leave in owerri imo state. how do i get started

  33. i want to ba a distributor. I reside in close to ibadan or Oyo town.

  34. will u help me in building down lines.

  35. Hi, am based in Yenagoa and am interested in the skin care products

  36. my contacts jamiuadeniyi947@gmail.com 08060663270

  37. Am a member of swissgard nxt am going to star 5

  38. I have just been introduced to your products and i started with DEFENDER, it’s really working. i feel great.
    I want to register and i live at Ajah. Please send me the depot address.

    • Hello Ebi.
      I’m pleased you enjoyed the Defender. There are only two depots in Lagos where you can register at: Ojota and Ikeja. I’ll mail the addresses to your inbox.

      Let me know if you have questions or concerns.

  39. I want to be a member of swissgarde im residing around groblersdal as a new member i like to know how much can i buy products.and deliver it for me please

  40. Pls where is their training centre here in Awka of Anambra state.

    • Hello Sommy. You’re highly welcome to this blog.

      There is no Swissgarde outlet in Anambra. The closest to you are in Enugu & Port-Harcourt. Are you an independent member of Swissgarde already?

  41. My name is Judith in Botswana,I am a new member of swissgarde but I am realy enjoying this business.I am proud to be a swissgarde member and I know I will make it.

    • Hello Ms. Judith.

      I’m pleased you’re enjoying your business. Do note that your business now is like a child. It requires your time, wisdom & commitment to make it grow into something.

      Send me a message on BBM (7F3251F3) if you need some tips to excel in your business.

  42. Please where exactly is the swissgarde Depot in Enugu located?

  43. gud, pls give d detail of everything need to do to become a distributor and cost my contact is 08063486752

  44. well if the information provided are true, i would like to be a member

  45. Please, I registered previously when I was in school at Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria but couldn’t remember my registration number to start ordering products.

    Please help me to retrace my registration number. Thank you.

    • Hello Emeka! Based on your story, you have only 2 options..

      *Re-register into Swissgarde, to get another ID.

      *Contact the person (your upline) who introduced Swissgarde to you. He-She will be able to retrieve your ID from the system…

  46. Am interested in becoming a distributor with swissgarde. But based in Delta State, please send me the port Harcourt depot address.

  47. Please i need an online job..i want to help u guys to be advertising your products online…i have some who i can contact to sell it 4 me…she is working with you guys tho

    • Hello Bakare! I appreciate your comment on my blog…

      By the way, the information shared on this page clearly reveals that the Swissgarde Opportunity is NOT a job but a business. There’s no such thing as a fixed salary at the end of the month. You can make as much money as you determine to!

      I suggest you reach out to the lady who runs a business with Swissgarde.. Let her guide you through how to become her business partner..

      If you want to partner with me instead, let’s interact on WhatsApp: 0813 049 6612.

  48. Please I want to be an online advertiser for you guys…i am based in Lagos

  49. i am interested this is my number 08064474216

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