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​Uterine FIBROIDS: The One PROBLEM, A Pot-Bellied Woman Might Have!

Tell me. What thought, jumps in your mind, when you see a woman with a big belly? “She’s pregnant of course!”, you would most likely, think out loud!
Hmm. PREGNANCY is truly a cause of a woman’s belly bulge but it’s certainly not the only one!

The second, more common cause of a belly bulge is the accumulation of FAT, which usually persists in women that don’t embrace certain dietary & lifestyle practices. I won’t delve into this right now…

Interestingly, the third, common cause of a belly bulge in women is a (potential) problem most may not even think of. And that is none other than FIBROIDS!
Uterine Fibroids are non-cancerous tumours within & around the womb (uterus) of a woman of child-bearing age. They are either single or multiple, round balls of uterine muscle that abnormally grows in size to the point of causing serious trouble!

You certainly shouldn’t ignore this note, because it has been discovered that it’s not just women below 50 that are prone to it, but those of African descent. In addition, obese females are at risk!

Fibroids, when small-sized, usually pose no symptoms but it becomes a big deal when it beckons on symptoms from heavy, prolonged menses to increased, pelvic pressure & knife-cutting pains.

Do you think you’re bothered by this issue OR know any woman who is? I highly suggest you quickly run a medical test to confirm your assumption BECAUSE undiagnosed, symptomatic Fibroids can lead to life-threatening blood loss (Anemia) & Infertility amid other complications.

Meanwhile, if I’m asked to vouch for a solution to Uterine Fibroids that can be implemented right away to gradually shrink them, I’d confidently point my fingers to these 4 supplements!

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