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There was a time I dreaded going to the toilet because of the strain and pains I’d face. That was also a time I hated the discomfort, pains & even blood stains I experienced while sitting or walking. 
I had the issue of Piles which I conquered! And I believe a lot of people out there are still battling with it. If you’re haunted by Piles, the good news is that I’m here to help you solve yours. So, let’s take this journey together!

What Are Piles?

Hemorrhoids, popularly known as Piles, is a health problem of the rectum, a part of the anus in the digestive system. This rectum, just like other parts of the digestive “tube” in you, is crowded with veins that take away blood to your heart.

The problem of Piles come when these veins are compressed & unable to transport blood as usual. This leaves the veins swollen. These swellings (Hemorrhoids) are of 2 types. 

Internal Haemorrhoids: This form of Piles is a swelling, inside the anus which cannot be seen with the eyes. They usually lack symptoms.

External Haemorrhoids: This form of Piles is a swelling which hangs out of the anus and is seen as a visible lump.

What Are The Signs?

*LUMPS: A lump or lumps, peculiar to external haemorrhoids, is a common indicator of Piles. This swelling comes out of the anus, like a balloon. What’s not nice about this is that faeces may leak out, when you least expect it!

*ITCHING: Mild or severe skin itches are quite a peculiar symptom of Piles, especially when the (external) lumps are dry. When this itching becomes regular, bleeding occurs!

*BLEEDING & PAIN: Another common indicator of the problem is bleeding, which is noticed as blood stains on underwear or on faeces passed out in the toilet. Remember that internal and external lumps, which are due to swollen veins, are prone to rupture & bleed which MAY be accompanied by pain.

Here Is The Root Cause, Most Don’t Think Of!

You’re aware that Haemorrhoids happen when the veins that surround the rectum are swollen. So, what causes the swelling of these veins? The root cause of Piles is PRESSURE in the abdomen! A vein is a blood vessel that will accumulate more blood on one side, if more pressure is applied on the other side.

Know The Risk Factors..

Considering the fact that increased PRESSURE is the leading cause of Piles, there are a number of risk factors you must put in mind.

*It is more common in men than women. This should be because men tend to be more physically active than women.

*A pregnant woman is more likely to have it because of the pressure put on her, by her growing baby.

*As a person grows older, the likelihood of having it increases because the wall of the veins, gradually weakens.

*Eating bulky foods raises your risk of having it, due to the pressure it puts on your digestive “tube”.

*Drinking an insufficient amount of water raises your risk of having it, since water is needed to soften & improve food digestion.

*Being overweight raises your risk of having it, since more fat puts more pressure on your digestive “tube” as well as veins.

*Spending more time in the toilet, in the bid to “pass out”, raises your risk of having it.

*Refusing to go to the toilet in good time, raises your risk of having it. The longer faeces stay in your digestive tube, the “harder” they become.

Doing Nothing Will Put You In Trouble!

Even though Piles can be really unpleasant & painful, they are preventable & treatable. However, it generally gets worse over time, if you neglect the risk factors & remedies. 

If the lumps become larger than normal, a surgery may be the only option left! I don’t think you’re ready for such a costly procedure. So, why wait for the issue to get that complicated?

These Are My Suggestions…

1. Avoid The Risk Factors

It is obvious that the best way to prevent and treat Piles is to know and avoid the risk factors which are most related to you. If you already have the Pile problem, do read on!

2. Go For Topical Applications

Regular application of topical creams or gels is highly recommended to help you cope with Piles. They work by either absorbing heat, shrinking the lumps or relieving itching. The herbs, Aloe Vera and Witch Hazel, found in Aloe Vera Gel, are ideal.

Regular application of ICE, packed in a cloth, to the lump on the anus is really effective. I was glad I learnt about and applied it in my case. Ice relieves the pain, itching and eventually shrinks the lump!

3. Be Serious About Your Diet & Lifestyle!

Drinking lots of water is vital in treating Piles in the long run. Water softens stool for easy passage through your “tube”. This treats constipation & decreases intra-abdominal pressure.

Chewing your food properly really helps reduce the workload on your digestive tube. The less the load, the less the likelihood of having Piles.

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Eating high-fibre foods such as fruits (watermelon) & vegetables (carrots) greatly helps to soften stool too & reduce constipation. It also supports weight loss, since they suppress appetite and boost metabolism!

Improving blood flow in your body, especially to the swollen veins, helps to reduce pressure & relieve Piles. Fish Oils, found in Omega Plus, and Ginseng, found in Aloe Power, are nutrients, proven to improve blood flow & consequently, good health.

Avoid strenuous activities such as prolonged sitting or standing, that put pressure on your abdomen. Your abdominal muscles press on your digestive “tube” which may increase the likelihood of having Piles.

I Appreciate You For Reading Me. If You Like This Article, Kindly Share With Your Family & Friends! If You Were Once Haunted By Piles, Please Share Your Experiences, In The Comment Box Below!

Author: Akpan Simon

AKPAN Simon is a Physiologist in training and a Health Consultant with a flair for Writing and Public Speaking. He educates his community of Health Lovers about health-beauty matters and helps them solve issues that bother them. To consult with him & of course join his tribe of Health Lovers, send him a WhatsApp message: +234 813 049 6612.

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