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What You Should Know To Save You From Diabetes [PART II]

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Is There A Solution To Diabetes?
I run with the belief that whatever problem that exists has at least a solution to it! And you’ll always find a clue to it when you dig out & study the causes of the problem.

In this vein, let us dig out the 4 causes of Diabetes & reflect on the solutions.

Cause #1: Auto-Immunity.

Auto-Immunity is a situation wherein the human immune system starts to attack its “own” cells! Quite strange but true! And this is the cause of Type 1 Diabetes. 

Like I did mention in the first part of this article, this immune system disorder, caused by faulty genes & environmental factors, can lead to a gradual damage of the pancreas (organ that makes Insulin)!


The only solution available to Type 1 patients, is Insulin Injections. They have to use special devices to check regularly, their blood glucose levels and respond as appropriate with Insulin shots. They are also adviced to observe the lifestyle practices I’ll be sharing below.

With regard to those affected by Type 2 Diabetes, its presence can be linked to heredity. The incidence of Diabetes can run in families so an unaffected person with such a family history has a high risk of being Diabetic! 

Let’s observe below, possible causes of Type 2 Diabetes and the lifestyle practices we can embrace.

Cause #2: Poor Eating Habits

It isn’t necessarily what you eat that matters but the habit you develop around eating. More attractive meals (take-aways, soft drinks, alcohol, hamburgers, pies…) are available which titilate the tummy and keep us asking for more.

The issue is that most of these foods are low in nutrients (such as vitamins & minerals) & high in calorie which eventually stresses your pancreas. 

Over time, weight-related issues from obesity to belly fat may come up which may eventually lead to Type 2 Diabetes!

The solution is to keep a written (or mental) log of the foods you eat daily and ensure a balance. Do you eat more of carbohydrates than proteins? Do you eat more of high-fat diets than unsaturated, low-fat? Do you consume fibre-rich, watery fruits & vegetables or not. Do you even go on a fast? Let your food log, guide your decision making.

Combination for diabetesThese Nutritional Supplements Can Strengthen Your Pancreas, Control Your Appetite And Regulate Blood Sugar Levels. Enquiries? Contact Simon: 0813 049 6612 (WhatsApp).


Cause #3: Inactive Lifestyle

Your body is like a machine which requires fuel (glucose) to function properly. 

When you’re inactive (sitting or sleeping often, for example) and still eat incessantly, you increase the likelihood of being Diabetic! Why? 

Inactivity tends to increase your body cell resistance to Insulin. And if your blood glucose still rises, your Pancreas are overworked to the point of being unable to keep up.

Get active. Exercise! Have a walk, jog or just dance to your favorite music. Do something simple, short and sweaty. Getting active, gets your cells active, hence increasing its ability to absorb glucose!

Cause #4: Stress

Stress is quite a serious issue which is almost unavoidable in the fast-paced world we are now in. What is Stress? It’s your body’s response to energy-draining activities or events. 

It contributes to the development of Diabetes besides other causes. If not handled right, it worsens the case of those who are already Diabetic!

The solution to Stress is to limit or avoid completely, that stressful activity or situation, either physical or emotional. Spread your lips & smile. Laugh often. Be happy. Forgive quickly. Spend time with those who love you. And ofcourse, Sleep sufficiently.

To wrap this article up, if you can eliminate Stress by bringing a balance between work and play, exercise properly and cultivate good eating habits, you’re well on your way to being saved from the claws of Diabetes. 

If you’re Diabetic, following this procedure will equally be beneficial!

Thank You So Much For Reading This Article. If It Has Been Educative, Kindly Share With Your Friends & Family.


INSPIRATION: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com

Author: Akpan Simon

AKPAN Simon is a Physiologist in training and a Health Consultant with a flair for Writing and Public Speaking. He educates his community of Health Lovers about health-beauty matters and helps them solve issues that bother them. To consult with him & of course join his tribe of Health Lovers, send him a WhatsApp message: +234 813 049 6612.

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