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The 2 Ignored Secrets To Lasting Weight Loss

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These are not really secrets, for you must have heard or read about them somewhere. However, these things, which are the basis for weight loss, have been ignored.
Before we begin, I want us to clarify some things about your weight.


Firstly, there is no such thing as a “naturally fat” person. We have big-bodied people (an example is Great Khali, a wrestler) and small-bodied people (an example is Jet Li, a chinese actor). This phenomenon is solely due to genes – traits passed down in the family.
Fat is a complex compound which your body makes from digested food & stores away in you for a number of reasons. Fat can be gained or lost regardless of whether you are big-bodied or small-bodied.


Secondly, being fat (or thinking you’re fat) doesn’t mean you are in trouble. Fatness becomes a big-time issue when it affects you in any of these “12 ways“. Overweight becomes a problem when it presses you physically & emotionally.

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So, what haven’t you been doing or aren’t doing right to ensure this weight problem is out the window? There are 2 basic factors I want us to look at. This is where your answers lie.



Oh yes! Weight loss is quite a long process so you can’t afford to neglect this factor. It doesn’t matter if you’re taking the best diet in the world or exercising the ideal way. When your mind isn’t prepped & clear on why you want to lose weight, all your efforts become futile.

In the same vein, when you don’t create a routine around what you do to lose weight, you don’t establish the habits vital for a lasting effect. It is quite a fact that a number of people succeed in losing some weight but eventually lose their way and fall back to square one. A square where they gain even more weight than was usual.

So, how do you keep this factor in check?

Create A Why..

Get a piece of paper & write out 10 reasons why you want to lose weight. If it is too much trouble, then I am afraid you may never lose weight. This test will not only tell how determined you are but it will serve as an ongoing motivation on your journey. It is important you put your list on your mirror or anywhere open in your room so your eyes won’t miss it everyday.

Do What You Love..

A habit is an action repeated so often that it becomes second nature (automatic) to whoever is engaged in it. Creating a habit to help you lose weight can be as hard as nails but as rewarding as heaven. Why don’t you soften the process by doing something you love which will consequently lose that weight for you?

Think out simple fat-burning exercises that suit you & your daily schedule and create a routine out of it. It could be dancing to your favorite music (perhaps with your family), swimming in that pool or walking to work. Just think of something “active” & begin it. Make the process enjoyable & you won’t even know when you have created a habit out of it. What inevitably follows will be weight loss.

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It is conventional advice to eat less if you want to lose weight. Sorry to bust your bubble but this is false! What matters more is the type of diet you welcome & its frequency. Come to think of it. Why starve yourself of essential nutrients because you want to lose weight? Let us observe a special diet you should subscribe to daily.

Chew On Proteins & Fibres..

Proteins are rightly regarded as the building blocks of the body. They build & repair muscles as well as keep the skin healthy. What you may not have realised is how much energy your muscles use. They are one of the most active organs in you, seeking for calories to burn. Their unending activity in you may lead to its wear & tear hence the need for proteins. Healthy muscles do use up the stored fat in you!

Fibres such as found in vegetables & fruits, give your muscles much work in digesting them. More work means more calories to burn. Fibres as well as proteins also makes you feel full hence helping you get what you want.

4 Small Meals A Day..

You should know that high-calorie foods are not your friends. Sugar-rich snacks, soft drinks & fried foods should be limited or stopped IF you can. This type of foods stimulate more insulin (needed to regulate blood sugar) which tends to increase fat storage in you.

Take a small 4-square meal daily fortified with proteins & fibres. Protein foods such as (boiled) eggs, beans, lean meat should be included. It is important you include fruits & water at intervals of your diet plan.
Small meals don’t need much insulin to manage. Taking small meals through your day will also ensure you don’t get too hungry which can make you overeat!


Just Do It!

It is true that genetics play a role in how fat is processed in you whether you are big-bodied or small-bodied. However, this is a fraction of the factors behind weight issues. Just take action on the other factors you control.

Decide on your why and create healthy habits out of your routines and daily diet. If possible, involve a friend or relative who will hold you accountable for your actions. You won’t remain the same.

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Author: Akpan Simon

AKPAN Simon is a Physiologist in training and a Health Consultant with a flair for Writing and Public Speaking. He educates his community of Health Lovers about health-beauty matters and helps them solve issues that bother them. To consult with him & of course join his tribe of Health Lovers, send him a WhatsApp message: +234 813 049 6612.

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