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Why Malaria Poses More Of A Problem Than Other Infections

mosquito red blood cell



Are you aware that unlike some infectious diseases, the malarial infection causes the human body to develop immunity for it rather slowly? By the time the person’s immunity is mature, he or she would have died of the disease!
The Plasmodium parasites transmitted from the hungry Anopheles mosquitoes swim in the blood, reproduce and target the red blood cells, eventually destroying them in the process. This vicious cycle brings up a combination of symptoms & problems like chills (shivering), fever, weakness, loss of appetite, anemia (shortage of red blood cells) and enlargement of the spleen.

Prevention Beats Cure!

Food For Thought: “AS-genotype” individuals who have a recessive gene of the sickle cell, are unusually resistant to Malaria. When a malarial parasite infects a red blood cell in them, the sickling effect is induced which destroys that cell as well as the parasite within it!

Although malaria can be cured, all the complications about it are not worth the trouble. Even the prescribed drugs usually have side effects no one would like. Anyone including you would gladly trade malarial problems for “good health”.

If you have no malarial infection and would like to prevent this from ever happening to you, you need to understand its origin. Malaria is prevalent in the tropical (hot) regions of the world where the carrier, a female Anopheles mosquito, thrives. With this in mind, here are 4 precautions you should take.

1. Stay clear from messy gutters or swamps with stagnant water in them for this is the breeding ground of mosquitoes.

2. Mosquitoes are nocturnal insects: active between dusk and dawn. If you’ll sleep in the open, close to a bushy place, I strongly suggest you cover your sleeping area with an insecticide-treated bed net.

3. Get a safe, odourless insect spray that you can apply on your skin or that of your baby. This spray has the ability to repel mosquitoes as well as other insects.

Citronella Mosquito Spray is a non-toxic, natural repellent spray, formulated with Citronella Oil to help protect the skin of adults & children against insect bites..

4. If you’ll sleep in an enclosed place, close to their breeding grounds, spray an insecticide around that room and wait for it to diffuse before sleeping in. You wouldn’t want to inhale harmful chemicals. Would you?

Further Notes On Protecting Yourself.

Food For Thought: The treatment of malaria with quinine, sourced from the bark of the cinchona tree, marked the first successful use of a chemical compound in combating an infectious disease. Despite the fact that better anti-malarial drugs were synthesised years later, the deadliest malarial parasite, Plasmodium falciparum, grew resistant to all of them EXCEPT quinine. Large doses of quinine have side-effects though.

At the beginning of this article, I gave a note about how slowly one’s immunity develops in the presence of Malaria. One of the ideal ways to protect yourself from various infections is to strengthen your immune system. This is possible if you commit to eating good balanced meals, exercising regularly and sleeping well. With regard to eating good meals, I suggest you include “food supplements” for most of the foods we have on our tables nowadays are deficient in essential nutrients our bodies need to stay healthy.

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NOTE: If unfortunately you are ill with Malaria and are looking to treat the infection, I strongly suggest you visit a reputable hospital close to you for a proper treatment.

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