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The 2 Big Factors Between You And A Flat Tummy!



A Pot Belly is a bulge that appears on the tummy of men, women and even children who develop certain habits or engage in a lifestyle that is unhealthy.
If you have this issue and are reading me now, I’m sure you don’t like how it stops you from wearing some of your favorite tight tops. The impression it creates in the minds of people when you’re in public may be embarrassing to you as well. I understand your concern & I’m sure you don’t want this to go on. I want to help you now in your bid to lose that tummy fat.
By the end of this article, you’ll get to know the things you do or don’t do which can make all the difference for you. Let’s move on shall we.


*Cut Away Sugar!
This is so important and could be the one thing that is killing your chances of having a slim tummy. Belly fat is actually a store of the excess food your body couldn’t use at that moment. Overeating is a sure way of storing fat in spaces in your body especially your tummy.
How does sugar come into the picture? Foods with refined sugar such as beer, soda drinks, biscuits & snacks cause a spike in blood sugar which is followed by a crash.
This fluctuation gets you quick energy but eventually leaves you hungrier than before. The sugar cravings make you overeat.
Why do you think pot belly is common among men? Quite a number of them enjoy the company of a bottle of beer & some friends. Note that an abnormally enlarged liver can also cause a belly bulge. A possible result of too much alcohol.
Limit or cut away your sugar intake..


**Embrace Proteins..

Proteins such as beans, boiled egg, lean meat among others not only ensure you feel full but also replace the fat in you with muscle mass. Let them be on your daily diet menu.

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***Supplement Your Diet..

Advances in technology have made it possible to combine the healing fruits of nature into something you can put into your pocket. I am referring to food supplements here which are natural products (in capsules, tablets or liquid).
Among the benefits of nutritive supplements is weight loss. Yes. There are certain nutrients you may not find close by (in your food) that enhance the breakdown of fat in you.



For More About Them, Click The Picture Above.



*Get Up And Move!

Inactivity is a good friend of belly fat. When you let your body do nothing, energy demand drops so there is little to no breakdown of fat.
Do A Sit-Up and/or Squat-Up (choose what suits you) first thing in the morning. They’d demand a lot of energy from you but that’s exactly why you should do it!

Squat Up Sit Up


You don’t have to jog down the street unless you have the time of course. Those 2 simple exercises can be done in the comfort of your own room.


I do an average of 40 sit-ups daily (even though I have no belly fat). Exercise strengthens the body especially your heart and improves blood flow. You can’t afford to miss it. It is important you make the work-out as fast and brief as possible to establish a daily habit. Exercise won’t keep you fit but the habit of exercise will. This routine is great at working your belly and leg muscles. Work demands energy so your fatty reserves will be used!


**Sleep Your Way Up..

It has been proven medically that sleeping less has a negative impact on your weight. When you don’t get enough sleep, a hormone in you called Leptin, decreases. This hormone is responsible for curbing your appetite and increasing metabolism. It also improves mental sharpness. This tells why we perform better after a good sleep. Get better sleep!


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The Truth Behind Your Energy Levels And How To Seize It!


Have you had a hard time waking up with an active mind in the early hours of the morning? Do you wonder why you feel sleepy in a quiet, cold environment especially at night?

This experience is quite sweet but it can put a hold on your daily productivity. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you understand how your body works & how to gear yourself to be active daily?

Most people have made it a habit of sleeping below or above the healthy time range of 6-8 hours. Being guilty of this (especially having a short sleep) can affect your mental & physical performance during the day. Try not to.

By the way, what if your sleep-wake time is healthy but you still feel groggy in the morning? It is time to do something different. I want to help you clear out this obstacle & establish the habit of sleeping right & waking up energized.

Do You Know?

I’m pretty sure you were taught back in your secondary school days that humans are “warm-blooded” animals with a constant body temperature. This turns out to be false.

Your body temperature rises & falls by 6 degrees every day. This rise & fall of temperature is known as your “body temperature rhythm“.

In the early hours of the morning, your body temperature rises continually but slumps at mid-day. Then it keeps on rising till in the evening where it drops all through the night as you sleep.

The 30-Second Secret.

Believe it or not but your body temperature rhythm plays a key role in how much energy you have. A low body temperature tunes your body to the “tired” side which then makes you feel sleepy. An increased body temperature tunes your body to the “active” side which makes you alert & energized!

When you wake up tired in the morning, fix your eyes to a bright natural light for at least 30 seconds. This is it!

A certain hormone exists in your body known as Melatonin. It’s also referred to as the “vampire” hormone or “sleep” hormone. The longer your eyes are exposed to darkness, more of this hormone is secreted into your blood which will make you sleepy. The instant your eyes are exposed to light, melatonin decreases rapidly and you become alert & energized.


Extra Tips To Stay Awake..

*Have a good reason for waking up early and staying awake. As a philosopher said, a man can achieve any WHAT if he has a BIG enough WHY.

*Use an alarm clock on your phone to control your sleep-wake time. Use a loud, repeating tune for this will kick you off your bed. Do keep your phone away from reach so you’ll be forced to stand up 🙂

*When you’re barely awake, try to sit up & put on the lights in your room. You can also step outside into the daylight.

*Don’t study or do paper-work in a dimly lit place, (especially on your bed). Sit on a sturdy chair & use a table exposed to bright light.

*If you want to study for hours, a little break is vital. When you feel overwhelmed through your study, rather than lie down, take a walk.

*Early to bed. Early to rise! Decide on your sleeping time (7 or 8 hours) and stick to sleeping and waking up at the same time everyday. This will make the habit easy to establish. Do set your alarm clock.


It doesn’t matter how many times you miss as long as you don’t give up. Do something new consistently for about 3 weeks and it becomes your habit!

Any question or contribution to make? What has the outcome been like for you, applying this secret? I’d love to see your comments below.
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