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Why Foods Are Losing Vitamins And What You Can Do About It



Vitamins are “organic” compounds found in food which are vital for growth and sustenance of life. I believe you know your body doesn’t make all the vitamins. So, if there’s a short supply of them in your food, different health problems such as infertility, low immunity, poor vision and others could come up.

What Do Vitamins Do?

Vitamins are “spark plugs” that work in many processes in your body. They are classified into 2 groups: Fat soluble vitamins (Vitamins A, D, E, K) & water soluble vitamins (B complexes & Vitamin C). Fat-soluble vitamins control specific metabolic activity while water-soluble vitamins act as co-enzymes. Co-enzymes join with a protein in your body to form enzymes that promote release and use of energy. It’s obvious that vitamins are important to you & I. The need for them is increased during pregnancy & lactation.

Where Are Vitamins Found?

Almost all foods contain a mixture of vitamins but some foods have them more. For example, citrus fruits (lemon, orange, apple etc) contain lots of Vitamin C as well as small amounts of other vitamins & minerals. There is no perfect food so the best source of all vitamins is a well-balanced diet.

Foods Are Losing Their Value!

Vitamins are sensitive so can be lost by heat, light & leaching in water. If you consider the stages your food goes through before getting on your table, you’ll realize that you eat foods with little to no vitamins in it.

Let us briefly examine what has happened to the quality of our foods in this modern age.

*During the manufacture of tinned and processed foods, excessive temperatures are used to preserve the food. This HEAT also destroys the vitamins & minerals in it.


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*An increase in POLLUTION from factories, cars & open fires has affected the atmosphere. The smoke stays in the air where it mixes with rain to form “acid rain”. This toxic rain then falls onto food crops, destroying its nutritional value. If the rain is much, it leaches away nutrients in the soil which should be in our food crops.

*Other activities that affect the value of our foods include over-fertilization of the soil, applying pesticides to soil, freezing & addition of chemical flavours & colourants to food.

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