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3 Common Hair Problems, Women Have And What May Shock You About Them!

poor hair growth
This reminds me of something I see most women do almost every time that makes me ponder…..they tap & scratch their hair as if there is a bug in there having fun on them. I’m pretty sure you agree with me on this. This isn’t normal as you might think but reveals a problem that ought to be addressed.

Your hair is your pride as a woman. The whole world sees it and can judge you based on its appearance! It should be cared for as much as you do for the rest of your body. How healthy is your hair?

There are issues women face with their hair that I have classified into three. You can relate with one of them.

*Weak, Dry Hair..
*Poor Hair Growth..



Dandruff is the name given to a hair problem with symptoms of dryness, presence of white flakes on the scalp & unusual itching. Do you know that behind these symptoms is a nasty little fellow living naturally in your hair?

Malassezia, is the name given to a harmless yeast-like fungus which feeds on the oil & dead skin cells in your hair. However, when the amount of oil & dead cells increase, this fellow proliferates and causes flakes to appear (resulting to itching).

Putting in mind that the cause of Dandruff is an oily, dirt-filled hair, a good hygiene should be practiced regularly. Wash your hair often with a good shampoo.




How often do you groom your hair without seeing hair strands on your comb? The quality of your hair tells much about your health. If you have weak, dry hair that come off easily, the likely causes are malnutrition, use of harsh products or inflammation.

Malnutrition is an important cause you must not neglect. The root of your hair is embedded in a living follicle under your skin which gets its nutrients from the blood. Your diet hence plays a huge role in the quality of your hair.
Nutrients you should pay attention to will be mentioned below.



It may not seem so but your hair is the fastest growing tissue in you. It grows by 1cm every month on average. Optimum growth reduces at about age 40. So, what could be the cause of poor hair growth?

Genetics largely determines it. You are most likely to have it if your mother had it. Moreover, other issues such as malnutrition, smoking (or exposure to smokers) & hormonal imbalance impede hair growth & even leads to hair loss! These issues can be addressed through your diet too.

Fortify your meals with proteins (building blocks), B group vitamins (especially Biotin), fresh fruits & vegetables, omega 3, zinc among others…

Do note that Skin, Hair & Nails above has 29 nutrients in it vital for hair health.


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