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The Healing Benefits Of Nature’s Own Aloe Vera

imagesThere’s so much nature has in store for us that you perhaps do not know of. Knowledge is power and that’s why I’d love you to take just few minutes to learn a lot about the Aloe Vera and how much it can do for you.Although Aloe Vera is about 99% water, the remaining 1% is extremely powerful and it’s thought so because the close to 100 ingredients in it work so well together. The ingredients in Aloe can be grouped into the following categories: Vitamins (A, C, B12 & E), Minerals, Sugars, Enzymes, Lignins, Amino Acids, Anthraquinones, Saponins, Fatty Acids, Salicylic Acid. Combined together it’s easy to see why Aloe Vera is such an effective healing plant.

Below are more than 10 amazing benefits Aloe Vera has for the human body.

<> Aloe is an excellent treatment for skin conditions such as burns and eczema. Burns can be healed remarkably and pains reduced with topical application of Aloe Vera to the affected area.

<> Aloe works greatly on membranes of the body when taken orally. It works on mouth and stomach ulcers, nasal and sinuses, bowels, lungs and the genital tracts.

<> Aloe also seems to be excellent at regulating the immune system (an immunomodulator). This means it can stimulate the immune response for those with weak immunity and also calm the immune response when necessary.


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<> Aloe Vera is one of the only known natural vegetarian sources of Vitamin B12 and also contains many minerals vital to the growth process and healthy function of all the body systems.

<> It’s believed to treat certain types of cancer (particularly leukemia) and may even have a role to play in managing diabetes.

<> Drinking the juice can help mitigate asthma symptoms due to its stimulation of the immune system and the presence of naturally occurring anti-inflammatory agents in the plant.

<> Vitamin C, found in the juice helps maintain tone of blood vessels, promotes good circulation and is essential to the health of the adrenal gland which supports our body in times of stress.

<> The juice is said to soothe digestive tract irritations such as colitis, ulcers and irritable bowel syndrome. It’s ability to encourage the release of pepsin (a gastric juice enzyme necessary for digestion) when the stomach is full is a possible reason for its ulcer-healing effects.

<> On-going studies worldwide show that taking in highly concentrated doses can stimulate the production of white blood cells that may help fight viruses, especially the HIV and also tumours.

<> The juice is said to be one of the finest body cleansers, cleaning morbid matter from the stomach, liver, kidneys, spleen & bladder and is considered the finest, known colon cleanser.

<> Studies have shown that it is healing and soothing in the relief of heartburns, indigestion, stomach distress and ulcers, arthritis, bladder and kidney infections, leg cramps, hemorrhoids (piles), insomnia and vaginitis.

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What You Should Know About Ginseng!



Hello Dear!
You and I live in a world, blessed by Nature. However, many of us are ignorantly trying to disrupt the balance and cause havoc on ourselves.

Nature has put in place quite a number of things, among which is food, meant to keep us alive and well. One of these life-saving foods you should know about is the Herb, Ginseng. It is one of the most popular herbal medicines in the world and comes in two variants – the Asian/Korean Ginseng and the American Ginseng.

There are other herbs called Ginseng such as the eleuthero or Siberian ginseng but they don’t contain the active ingredient called ginsenoside, present in those 2 variants.

Different varieties of the ginseng root have been used traditionally as treatments, in Asia and North-America for centuries. It now gains popularity globally.
Read On To Learn About 9 Benefits, One Of Which You May Relate With The Most.
1. Ginseng improves the immunity & health of people recovering from illness.

2. It increases a sense of wellbeing and stamina, and improves both mental and physical performance.

3. Ginseng can help with erectile dysfunction, infections as well as symptoms relating to menopause.

4. Studies have shown that it helps address cancer, heart disease, hepatitis C and other conditions.

5. It helps in regulating blood sugar levels and blood pressure.

6. Ginseng has been shown to reduce the levels of stress in both men and women. Those that take ginseng regularly are able to withstand higher amounts of physical and emotional stress.

7. Its adaptogenic effects make it widely used to lower cholesterol, increase energy and endurance, reduce fatigue and the effects of stress.

8. Ginseng is one of the most effective anti-aging substance, with the capability of alleviating some effects of aging such as skin wrinkling.

9. Ginseng is well known for its ability to fight fatigue and ward off colds and flu.
Ginseng is amazing but you have to be careful though, about using it, especially in its oral form. It has potential side effects so should be taken by quantity and ONLY if you have a need for its benefits. Since Ginseng has estrogen-like effects, pregnant and lactating mothers should stay off it.

The herb cannot be found in your everyday foods. It comes in a range of forms, from capsules to tablets, softgels, extracts, teas and creams. The good news is that you can easily find FOOD SUPPLEMENTS that contain a safe amount of Ginseng.

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