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15 Health Benefits Of A Juice, You Don’t Want To Miss Out On!

In our modern world, below is but a summary of the health and beauty problems that haunt us.

Bodily Infections
Skin And Hair Problems.

Unless you’re a creature from another planet, I believe you must have experienced at least one of these issues above, especially Stress which could be physical or mental. 

I must inform you as well that there is a high chance of you having & still having any of the issues above, if you disregard the significant changes that have occurred from the days of our great-grandparents to now.

And one of the things that has drastically changed since the days of old, is our DIET.

Food is rightly medicine but you can’t help but notice that the way our foods are prepared these days, steals it of almost all its nutritive value!

We have more of FOODIES and less of REAL FOODS readily available. Unhealthy carbohydrates have flooded the food market, from high-calorie snacks to sweetened drinks (Junk Food). Unhealthy fats also abound in our foods, especially the ones that are deep fried.

Fruits & vegetables are rightly meant to nourish us with nutrients that keep us strong & healthy, but only a select few can be trusted to still have their nutritive value intact due to the way they’re processed. 

I did learn that the highly essential vitamins & minerals in fruits & vegetables are sensitive to heat, light & can be easily lost with water used to wash them! Hmmm.

So, what exactly am I driving at with all these facts? Here it is. 

Your body is like a machine whose performance & longevity is determined by what it “takes” in. If your DIET is not providing the necessary nourishment your body needs, it will grow weaker and open itself to a number of diseases as mentioned above!

The Nourishment, Aloe Power Provides!

Aloe Power, its picture which begins this post, is a liquid supplement produced with a high standard of quality & hygiene. It’s a juice that is manufactured in South-Africa and stamped with approval by NAFDAC.

Aloe Power contains 5 potent anti-oxidants: Aloe Vera (Aloe Bitters)Sutherlandia, Vitamin C, Chinese Green Tea & Ginseng

I ask for a few minutes of your time to study their benefits below.

Health Benefits

1. Helps to improve general health & well-being.

2. Boosts immunity to a variety of infections.

3. Increases blood circulation, energy level and stamina.

4. Contains certain nutrients which helps it to soften stools. A part of an effective combination against Piles.

5. Thoroughly cleanses the digestive system and eventually treats constipation & poor digestion.

6. Helps to regulate blood sugar levels so a part of an effective combination against Diabetes.

7. Helps to strengthen the body’s immune system so a part of an effecski combination against the Staph infection.

8. Helps to inhibit cellular damage that could lead to hormonal imbalance so a part of an effective combination against Fibroids.

9. Helps to neutralise the acidic effect in the digestive system, besides improving blood flow, so a part of an effective combination against painful stomach ulcers.

10.  Helps to improve blood circulation so a part of an effective combination against Weak Erection (Erectile Dysfunction).

11. Helps to inhibit clogging of fatty cholesterol in the blood vessels so a part of an effective combination against High Blood Pressure (Hypertension).

12. Helps to improve metabolism of body fat so a part of an effective combination against Belly Fat and Obesity (Excess Weight).

13. Helps to inhibit abnormal cell activity so a part of an effective combination against “early” cancer.

14. Helps to inhibit cellular damage and mop out toxins hence an effective detoxifier of the body system. It supports the “detox” work of the liver and kidneys.

15. Helps to prevent Premature Ageing and improve the health & beauty of the skin.



Aloe Power is a safe, health tonic for the young and elderly. Though I won’t suggest it for pregnant or lactating mothers at a stage of their situation. 

If you have been disappointed by supplements before, I’ll be surprised! You may have been mis-understood and given the wrong prescription. Do SHARE your story with me through a call or chat!

In conclusion, I’m certain you’ll enjoy the benefits I listed above as you use this juice faithfully.

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